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Watering your Dwarf Jade

How do I water my Dwarf Jade?

About your tree

Dwarf Jades tolerate arid conditions, but they respond better to over-watering than under-watering. They are able to store massive amounts of water throughout their trunk, branches, and leaves. 

Your Dwarf Jade will require the most water just after the re-potting process as it reestablishes roots in the pot. Be sure to monitor the moisture level of your soil on a daily basis to quickly learn the necessary care habits.


When to water

If your soil is dry, you should water the tree thoroughly using one of the methods listed below.

If you can easily detect moisture by touching the soil, wait to water and check back the next day.

In ideal conditions, the leaves of your Dwarf Jade should be smooth and plump (See pic #2 ). If you notice the leaves are wrinkled or shriveled (See pic #1 ); that is a sign you are underwatering and an additional watering may need to be added to your routine maintenance. 

We recommend watering indoor trees every 2-3 days. Outdoor trees in full sun may need to be watered once or twice each day during the warmer months.

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How to water

Soak from below

To soak from below, find a container that fits your potted bonsai tree and fill it with water just below the rim of the container. Once filled, lower your tree into the container and soak for 3-5 minutes. 

If the water level is above the rim of the pot; wait for the air bubbles to stop floating to the surface. 

Once your tree is fully saturated; lift it from the container, let drain, and place it back into its display location.

If any soil particles float away and end up in the bottom of the container; pour most of the water out, gather the particles, and redistribute them over the surface of the soil.


Water from above…

You can water your Dwarf Jade bonsai from above with a gentle stream or shower of water. It is possible to wash your soil away, so apply the water as gently as possible. 

When watering from above, spray water evenly over the surface of the soil until water steadily drips from all the drainage holes underneath the pot.


If you leave for vacation

If you are leaving for a few days, water your Dwarf Jade thoroughly before you leave and sit the tree in a container with approximately one inch of water. As you are gone, the tree will still be able to draw water from the bottom, and you should return to a happy tree.

If you are leaving for a week or more, think about leaving it with a responsible caretaker or hire a plant sitter to check in.