Light Requirements for your Dwarf Jade

How much light does my Dwarf Jade need?

IMG_20220329_113755Dwarf Jades benefit lots and LOTS of light. It is best to place your tree in a South facing window, but East or West facing should be fine. These trees can benefit for as much as 18 hours of light exposure, so your brightest spot is the ideal choice.

The Winter can be particularly challenging as our daylight gets shorter. Your Dwarf Jade will respond in a couple of ways to this change in environment. If there isn’t enough light; your tree may abruptly shed leaves. It may also develop new leaves that are significantly larger than those that grew during the Summer and growing season. (See Leaf Drop Article)


The best solution during the Winter when available light is difficult to come by, is to get a dedicated LED grow light to position very close to your Dwarf Jade. Plan to have this light on for as long as possible. 12+ hours is ideal. Many of these lights come with a built-in timer and can be left to operate automatically overnight or while you are out of the house. Do what works best for you!

In the Summer, your Dwarf Jade can benefit significantly from the bright light and heat. Your tree will do well outside as long as the overnight temperature is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Be prepared, however, to water your tree once or even twice daily in these conditions.